Friday, August 6, 2010

Glory Hole- last day

well, the last day a last day really. A little bit somber that it was over, but happy and satisfied with our hard work and accomplishments. We gathered in the cold shop and talked about our week. Kevin and Tommy both spoke. Afterwards we split up in to two groups. One would clean the hot shop and the other would begin cold work on their pieces. That's basically grinding off the break off points or doing any leveling. Then sanding and polishing. I cleaned the hot shop and resumed cold work later. We finally wrapped up class about 2:30, had a little suedo graduation and all got a handshake and certificate- funny-all exchanged contacts then on with the pickle eating contest.

The pickle eating contest was a little uneventful. The irony is that since the early spring I have been craving, eating and drinking pickles and pickle juice. I could have seriously given these boys a run for their money! Landon won by a half a pickle. Six, i believe, in 5 minutes. He won Kevin's beautiful piece of glass and in good spirit, Landon gave him the bracelet he would have won.

Everyone said their good-byes and I hit the road. I was sad to leave but equally excited to be home and see my family.

When I look back at the experience, I realize how humbling it was. To be back at the beginning again, learning again, being challenged, being frustrated...discovering...intrigued and stimulated. I could go on and on. I met some good people and had some good laughs. Especially with the while glory hole and all. Not to mention the married couples, "honey i'm gonna blow for you, you ready? All right, well let me know when you're hot enough". And Tommy, "Communication is key. You have to have a partner you can communicate with and you have to be a good communicator. Speak loudly and clearly. Tell them when you need them to blow- tell them harder if your glass is not expanding- blow, blow, blow, harder harder, stop. blow, easy, easy...." Pretty hysterical.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who is needing to get away to a beautiful place and find some creative fire.