Saturday, March 10, 2012

LEGENDS PARK- Center of the bat

This is the pole that runs through the center of the bat. At this point the side bars have been attached. These will hold the brass rods that make up the music staff. In the photograph you can see that there are steel rods already bent and placed temporarily for test purposes. The pole is also painted with 3 coats of marine paint for extra security that should water or moisture ever penetrate the bat, there will not be any rust developing.

While i was working on the music notes, Mark was working on the infrastructure of the bat. The pole is ready and next, the framework that the "skin" of the bat will be attached to is being laid out- measuring, cutting, welding.

We're also testing some sheet thicknesses to decide which will be used for the skin.

Testing the framework- checking the fit measurements. One half set on top of pole.

The second half is clamped in place and checked against the first half for fit and measurements.

It is interesting to me that photographically, the perspective is completed flattened out in these next two shots. The framework looks completely the same width from end to end when, indeed there is a distinct taper at one end and distinct spread at the other.

After this is completed, again this piece is painted for security that in the future there will not be any rusting. Since once the bat is closed off, we will never see the interior again which means if it were to begin to rust no one would ever know it, it's critical that this is done well. Rust can weaken a seam over time, diminishing the integrity of the entire piece

From here we've tested and decided on the dimensions and gauge steel that we need and begin to bend around the framework and tie in place with binding wire- then clamped in place for tack welding. At this point the sheet is tacked in place and check for fitting. once everything is good and where it should be, the complete welding of the seam can be done.

Mark on top of the table, tack welding the sheet on first half of the bat.

first half complete and now it feels like things are really starting to take shape

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